Eurasia Tunnel Istanbul – Sealing Injections against high Water Pressure

The Eurasia Tunnel (Fig. 1) is the first underground road connection to cross the Bosporus. Since late 2016 this important traffic artery has linked the Asian and European parts of the Turkish metropolis Istanbul. As the tunnel is exposed to water pressure of roughly 11 bar, sealing injections were a key issue from the very outset for the successful completion of the project. In this connection, the extremely high salt content of the water had to be taken into consideration as well. Grouting was undertaken on segments as well as special steel/reinforced concrete joints countering seismic movements. These applications demanded a detailed waterproofing concept and a correspondingly extensive selection of products with respect to the grouting materials. This report was among the contributions delivered at the 2018 Forum on Injection Technology in Cologne.

1 Introduction

1.1 Project Presentation

The first underground road link between the European and Anatolian parts of Istanbul, The Eurasia Tunnel (Avrasya Tüp Tunnel) was opened on December 20, 2016.This tunnel was something that the population of the Turkish metropolis had been keenly waiting for. After all, the city had grown massively on both sides of the Bosporus in recent decades. This had also resulted in an enormous increase in commuter traffic between the European and Anatolian sides. For years, the existing bridges spanning the river have been unable to cope with individual...

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