Filder Tunnel and Tunnels to Ober- and Untertürkheim

The Filder Tunnel (Plan Approval Section/PFA 1.2) and the tunnels running to Ober-/Untertürkheim (PFA 1.6a) for the Stuttgart–Ulm rail project are being built by the ATCOST21 JV on behalf of the DB Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH. The Filder Tunnel’s two tubes will link Stuttgart’s new Central Station with the Filder Plain to the south of Stuttgart. The tunnels leading to Ober-/Untertürkheim connect the Central Station with the existing rail line in the Neckar Valley and the new railway yard at Untertürkheim (Fig. 1). This article provides an overview of the status of the works as well a preview of forthcoming construction measures.

1 Project

The roughly 9.5 km long Filder Tunnel is the longest tunnel of the Stuttgart–Ulm project. Running from the Central Station, the tunnel with an average gradient of 16 ‰ overcomes a difference in height of approx. 155 m from the valley basin to the airport [1]. With the exception of the roughly 200 m long approach area at the Central Station, two single-track tubes are being constructed, which are connected by cross-passages at roughly 500 m intervals. In the two-track approach area, the Filder Tunnel will feature trains running at a maximum speed of 100 km/h up to the branch structure,...

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