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Full-Scale U-THREAT Exercise in the Lyon Metro

In the black of night, a train carrying eighty passengers is immobilised in one of the underground railway tunnels beneath the French city of Lyon – smoke begins to spread. The task now is to get the passengers into the open quickly and safely. This long planned full-scale exercise in the French metropolis was conducted as part of the Franco-German U-THREAT research project, with the STUVA (Research Association for Tunnels and Transportation Facilities) providing coordination. In cooperation with Lyon's local transport corporation and fire-brigade, the researchers gained not only valuable new insights into the behaviour of passengers, staff and responders in such an extreme situation – they were also able to validate new aids, including a special App that can be used to further facilitate self-rescue.

The exercise took place during the nocturnal closure to traffic of the Lyon Metro on the night of 8 to 9 October 2019. In the exercise scenario, a train is immobilised between the “Place Jean Jaurès” and “Debourg” stations, at the mid-point of the 700 m long tunnel. On board are eighty passengers, who are to rescue themselves quickly and safely from this threatening situation, despite the spread of smoke. Two injured persons need to be rescued by the fire-brigade. Detailed preparation for the exercise was drafted in advance by French transport corporation and research partner KEOLIS Lyon.


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