Grand Paris Express: Métro Line 11 to be extended by four Stations

In late June 2016 Implenia signed the contract for construction of the “Lot GC01” section of the Line 11 extension to the east of Paris. Line 11 is run by the “Régie autonome des transports parisiens” (RATP), the state operator of public passenger transport in the capital of France. This infrastructure contract forms part of the major “Grand Paris Express” project. Implenia is taking on the job together with consortium partners NGE (France), Demathieu & Bard (France) and Pizzarotti (Italy). The “Grand Paris Express” project aims to improve links between the French capital and neighbouring...

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Line 15 South: 2nd Grand Paris Express Contract for Implenia

Having already won the contract for the “Lot GC01” section of the Grand Paris Express project at the end of June 2016 (for which construction was scheduled to begin in October), Implenia secured a...

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Expansion of Metro Paris, Line 14: Anchoring the Power Supply Lines

„Le Grand Paris” is a project creating space in Paris, Europe’s most densely populated city. The project is uniting the capital with multiple neighbouring communities – not only territorially, but...

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Implenia and Demathieu Bard Construction Win Contract for Lot 3 of Line C of the Toulouse Metro

A joint venture (JV) consisting of Implenia (50%) and Demathieu Bard Construction (50%) has been awarded the contract for Lot 3 of future Line C of the Toulouse Metro by Tisséo, the public transport...


Contract for Lot 3 of Line C of the Toulouse Metro Awarded

3814 m of Tunnel Beneath a Densely Populated Urban Area Lot 3 includes drilling 3814 m of tunnel beneath a densely populated urban area, as well as civil engineering work for the construction of four...

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Siemens extends first driverless Metro Line in Paris

Siemens has received an order from the Paris transit authority RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) to supply the train control equipment and operational control system for the extension of...