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Infotainment Elevator for Altena Castle – An unusual Tunnelling and Shaft Sinking Project

Built in the 12th century, Altena Castle attracts visitors from far beyond the bounds of south Westphalia. It is perched some 190 m ASL, high above the old wire-producing town on the Lenne, and is numbered among Germany’s most magnificent keeps (Fig. 1). The castle attained international fame after the world’s first youth hostel was established within its walls in 1914.


The castle’s position high above Altena may be picturesque but it also poses a problem in terms of accessibility. There is no direct link between the town centre and the castle so that people find it hard to reach, especially those who depend on some form of transportation to get there. There is a lack of parking spaces in the direct vicinity and it can only be approached via a steep incline.

Through building an elevator capable of whisking visitors up to the castle courtyard located some 80 m further up in about 20 s, an easily accessible link is being created between the castle and...

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