International SOLIT Conference

The International SOLIT Conference (Safety of Life in Tunnels) was due to be held in Berlin on June 27 + 28, 2012: its topic – “Integration of stationary Fire Suppression Systems in Tunnels”. At this 2-day conference the findings of the SOLIT2 research project, which was sponsored at the behest of the German Bundestag, have been made public. The partners involved in the project, the project coordinator FOGTEC, BUNG Ingenieure AG, the STUVA Inc., the Ruhr University Bochum as well as the TÜV Süd, had for the first time present extensive reports on the activities of the past 2 years on Day 1. Particular attention will be paid to compensating conventional safety and fire protection systems with automatic fire suppression systems as well as their integration in a tunnel safety system. A major portion of the lectures programme have been devoted to the major fire tests undertaken in summer 2011 as well as the evaluation of the results obtained from them.

Day 1 of the conference hones in on papers dealing with compensatory safety measures through stationary fire suppression systems as well as planning and integrating stationary fire suppression systems as part of a safety system, Furthermore the project report as well as guidelines for applying the project results will be presented.

On Day 2 at the conference within the scope of an ITA-COSUF section, details have been presented on among other things human behaviour in tunnels, the SAFE stations concept in the Channel Tunnel as well as combating fire in complex underground structures. The event has completed with further lectures devoted to applying stationary fire suppression systems in tunnels, mainly geared to user aspects of tunnel safety, handling hazardous goods and findings obtained by fire services.

Simultaneous German/English translations have been provided for the international circle of participants for all papers. Further details on the conference in Berlin, the programme can be found by accessing .


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