Karawanken Tunnel Redevelopment

Based on the state treaty between Austria and former Yugoslavia dating from 1977, the Austrian and Slovenian motorway operators, ASFINAG and DARS agreed in mid-April 2015 to jointly finance and execute the complete redevelopment of the almost 7.9 km long Karawanken Tunnel on the Karawanken Motorway (A11). In the first development phase the tunnel will be provided with a second bore, subsequently it is planned to redevelop the existing tube. The complete redevelopment of the Karawanken Tunnel featuring two tunnel tubes is due to be finished in 2023. As a result, construction work must be embarked on in autumn this year. The ASFINAG must first complete the area in front of the future portal, some 600 m including almost 350 m of bridge. The tunnel start-ups are scheduled at both sides for December 2017. Austria will contribute about 185 million euros of the total costs of 325 million euros with the Slovenian section accounting for an investment of roughly 140 million euros.

Since 2006 money has been constantly invested in the safety technical equipping of the Karawanken Tunnel’s existing tube. For example, up until spring 2015 the ASFINAG renewed the ventilation and ventilation control system. The Slovenian DARS improved the video detection system on its side and replaced all doors and gates.⇥

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