Many Applications in Tunnel Construction, Renovation and Demolition

The patented EK series chain cutters with their rotating chain between the two lateral cutter drums are a core product of Kemroc. But the German specialist manufacturer has massively expanded its range since the beginning of 2020.

The range now comprises 17 dedicated product groups of cutters and cutter wheels, including classic rotary drum cutters without a rotating cutter chain. This concept has been complemented by the EKT series of cost-effective and convertible rotary drum cutters, which can be upgraded to chain cutters later on. The EKT series will be expanded in the course of 2021 and will then be available for excavators from 5 to 45 tonnes.

Efficient tunnel demolition with cutter combinations: First the thickness of the tunnel wall is reduced (above) and then it is cut into manageable pieces (below)
Credit/Quelle (2): KEMROC

Efficient tunnel demolition with cutter combinations: First the thickness of the tunnel wall is reduced (above) and then it is cut into manageable pieces (below)
Credit/Quelle (2): KEMROC

Special cutting attachments for excavators solve many tasks in tunnel construction, rehabilitation and demolition that would be costly or dangerous with other machines and methods. Basically, compared to the use of breakers, they offer the advantage of working with low vibration and thus with less impact on the structure and its surroundings, as well as on people and machinery. With a cutter wheel or a diamond wheel, for example, temporary elements of a tunnel structure can be removed without endangering its statics or surrounding buildings. With a patch planer, the tunnel vault can be milled down to a precisely adjustable target depth in a renovation project so that the affected areas can then be relined. Similar to Porr‘s S3 tunnel project in Poland, combinations of different cutters can also be used for tunnel demolition. For example, a thick tunnel wall can first be reduced with a rotary drum cutter and then cut into transportable pieces with a cutting wheel, so that the pieces can be crushed above ground. Kemroc application engineers are always working with their customers to find new applications for excavator-mounted cutting attachments underground.


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