Microtunnelling Navigation Platform TUnIS MT CombinesAll Conventional Navigation Techniques

A uniform microtunnelling navigation platform for all well-established navigation technologies: That is the idea behind TUnIS Navigation MT from VMT, which for the first time combines machine guidance with laser and target, hydrostatic level, gyroscope as well as moving laser total station in one product line. The solution enables an uncomplicated change between the individual navigation modes, meaning navigation can be specifically adjusted to a project’s requirements. Even a trouble-free switch to segmental tunnelling can be done, since VMT‘s solutions for large tunnel projects are based on the same platform.

Open System: TUnIS Navigation MT Can Integrate Future Developments

With its surveying systems and services, the VMT Group with headquartes in Bruchsal, Germany, has been one of the leading providers in tunnel construction for over 25 years. VMT is part of the Herrenknecht Group and has worked on almost 2400 tunnel drives. With the SLS-Microtunnelling and UNS (Universal Navigation System) product series, the company has been offering navigation solutions for microtunnelling drives of all kinds for years.

“After about two years of development work we have now combined these two navigation technologies on the standard TUnIS Navigation MT system platform. In addition to our own experience, the navigation solution incorporates valuable feedback and a variety of client and user-requested features,” says Jürgen Göckel, Business Developer Microtunnelling at VMT.

And with the new MT.connect hardware platform, intelligent, compatible and efficient tunnel hardware infrastructure is ensured. As an open system, TUnIS Navigation MT can integrate all new and further developments in the microtunnelling business.

TUnIS Navigation MT has been introduced in the Herrenknecht tunnelling systems beginning January 2020, replacing the previous UNS gyro navigation system. From mid-2020 onwards, the associated stand-alone version based on the new MT.connect optimised hardware platform will also be available, replacing the SLS microtunnelling product series. With the integration of the moving laser total station, the scope of services is then complete.


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