Conference Report

Münster Tunnelling Colloquium

Initiator Prof. Dietmar Mähner was able to welcome almost 200 participants to the university centre for the 2nd Münster Tunnelling Colloquium staged by the Institute for Underground Construction, FH Münster/D. Following the great success of the event 2 years ago, a follow-up involving no less than 11 papers took place.

Numerous representatives from various segments of tunnelling turned up from all over Germany for the day-long event. They included experts from the construction industry and planning offices, representatives from authorities, manufacturers as well as scientists. Students at the technical university and former graduates also attended.

The papers dealt with the entire spectrum of tunnelling. The application of earth-pressure shields in tricky ground was for instance, tackled in the engineering technology sector. The internationally renowned Herrenknecht Company provided examples of current developments in mechanised tunnelling. At present, structural fire protection in tunnels represents an important challenge. Two papers were presented on this topic. In addition, ongoing topics such as renovating tunnels, freezing and sealing were tackled. Current developments in shotcrete technology, connecting cross-passages to a segmental tunnel as well as major cross-sections for drainage purposes were dealt with.

A lively debate ensued during the breaks. Various new contacts were consolidated in the process.

Encouraged by the thoroughly positive response, it is intended to hold a similar event in Münster 2 years from now at the Institute for Underground Construction. The date has still to be announced.


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