New Products

New Excluder Grease for Tunnel Boring Machines from BASF Bauchemie

BASF’s Bauchemie division has introduced its own production plant for the main bearing excluder grease market. The new product series, MEYCO® BSG excluder greases for tunnel boring machines was tried out with good results on selected machines from leading TBM manufacturers. In addition according to manufacturers the most important suppliers of main bearings Merkel Freuden-berg/D and James Walker/UK have tried out the new greases and given them the green light. As a result they can be used for all tunnel boring machines throughout the world.
The main bearing excluder greases round off the segment for special additives for tunnel boring machines from Meyco BSG:
– SLF + RHEOSOIL® soil conditioning agents
– ABR dust and anti-abrasion additives
– TSG tail skin sealing agents
– GA backfilling mortar additives.
Furthermore MP grouting agents, RHEOCEM® micro-cements as well as concrete additives for the production of segments are also available.


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