New MeasuringTechnologies for mechanised Tunnelling

Efficient measuring technologies represent an essential prerequisite for successfully concluding tunnel projects. Ongoing accomplishment of such projects spurs on the development of new measuring technologies and the optimisation of existing ones. Current innovations focus particularly on the driving area of tunnel boring machines (TBMs). This article thus concentrates on a method for the continuous measurement of cutting disc forces, the geological 3D documentation of the TBM face, using a camera system, and a 3D laser scanner system for monitoring the tunnel lining. The new measuring technologies provide a rich field of research and contribute towards a deeper understanding of the interaction between TBM and rock.


Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are increasingly being applied for major projects such as the Koralm, Semmering Base or Brenner Base Tunnels, as they permit higher rates of advance to be achieved. However, the use of TBMs still involves ample optimisation potential. This relates for example to improved monitoring of the cutting process and the tools involved, a more objective, digital documentation of the face as well as better and more comprehensive evaluation of the deformations of the tunnel lining. This report puts forward new measuring technologies devised to increase this...

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