New Semmering Base Tunnel: Gloggnitz Preliminary Work finished

The 27.3 km long New Semmering Base Tunnel (SBTn) is a major element of the new Austrian southern rail route. Its two bores are to be linked every 500 m by cross-passages and an emergency halt with two ventilation shafts being created roughly at the centre of the tunnel. In spite of a four month long hold-up in construction lasting until June 2014 on account of objections by local residents and environmental organizations, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) still intend completing the project as scheduled in 2025. According to the ÖBB the costs will be in the region of 3.1 billion euros....

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Issue 04/2015 Austria

Semmering Base Tunnel: Implenia, Hochtief and Thyssen to build Tunnel Gloggnitz

At the Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG has awarded a joint venture of Implenia, Hochtief Infrastructure Austria and Thyssen Schachtbau the contract for section SBT1.1 „Tunnel...

Issue 06/2017 Austria

Semmering Base Tunnel: Last Section under Construction

The 27.3 km long new Semmering Base Tunnel is the key structure of the new Austrian Südbahn line. On 30 June 2017, tunnelling works started on the third and last tunnel section, Grautschenhof. The...

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Construction halted at Semmering Base Tunnel‘s North Portal

Start of construction and construction halted in the same month: work on the first contract section of the Semmering Base Tunnel had scarcely begun in January when the Austrian administrative court...

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Semmering Base Tunnel: TBM Start in Contract Section 2.1

The Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) is currently under construction and is one of the most important major infrastructure projects in the heart of Europe, forming part of the new Austrian Southern Railway...

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Semmering Base Tunnel: Start of Work on the Tunnel Shafts at Lot 2.1, Fröschnitzgraben

The two shafts that will allow tunnelling to proceed towards Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag are now being built at Lot 2.1 of the Semmering Base Tunnel in Fröschnitzgraben, Austria. At the end of July...