Zollern Drive Technology

Planetary Gears for heavy-duty Operation

Tough working conditions prevail in tunnelling. The demands posed on technical equipment are correspondingly high, as e.g. gears, which must reliably cater for movement in various machines. In tunnel boring machines (TBMs) planetary gears must withstand strong vibrations, impacts, high temperatures and pronounced external pressure (Fig. 1). These powerful gears are also applied in building cranes, drilling rigs, cutters, excavators, pumps or tracked vehicles.

Planetary gears are compact, possess a high power density and high efficiency given low construction space. They are mostly used for heavy-duty operation. Planetary gears are suitable for continuous operation as well as for intermittent and alternating operation or clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.

A gear is charged with adapting a torque and rotational speed to certain requirements. In the case of the main drive of a TBM for example, the driving torque is changed as well as the rotational speed. By and large, a gear possesses a drive, which can be an electric motor, as well as a power...

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