Precision for Small Profiles with the New DD212 Development Drill

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions introduces the new Sandvik DD212, a compact and intelligent single-boom electro-hydraulic drill for tunneling and mining development in narrow vein drifts. This new versatile drill is an upgrade of the DD210 Development drill rig. The DD212 is designed for narrow vein operations, delivering both high level productivity and low cost of ownership.

New Features

Sandvik DD212 is a compact drill solution for opening smaller tunnel sections and benefiting from increased levels of productivity with more meters advanced. Based on factory and field tests carried out by the manufacturer, the DD212 drill delivers up to 20 % reduction in boom positioning time per face, about 15 % improvement in drill penetration rate, whilst its 3 % improved pull out ratio can result in up to 10 cm greater advance per face when compared to similar equipment.

The machine reached 93 % mechanical availability during its test period, accumulating 300 hours percussion within 2.5 month operation. The drill provides high performance with net penetration rate, drill quality and rock tools improvements with zero drill rods jammed during the test period.

Sandvik DD212 is equipped with the followingnew features:

New drilling control system – THC562 – with torque control and reaming hole selection, that enables the DD212 to provide increased drilling performance, yet reduces the wear on both the rock drill and rock tools.

New intelligent boom – SB20i – for accurate hole electronic positioning enabling the precise and fast navigation of drill feed and tool, with automatic parallelism and instrumentation for hole angle measurements. The boom offers large face drill coverage from 6 m² to 25 m², due to the one-meter boom extension and the two rotation actuators narrow vein type.

Operational Safety and Versatility for Different Applications

The DD212 comes with specific features and benefits for the application for which it is designed.

The development drill has an extended TF feed 12 ft. rod which optimizes advance/round, whilst its RDX5 rock drill provides fast drilling cycle time and low operating costs.

The specific compact and versatile CFX telescopic feed can retract from 6 ft. to 12 ft. and enhances multipurpose operations in small of 2.5 m x 2.5 m to 3.5 m x 3.5 m tunnel sizes. The DD212 delivers accurate face drilling, cross cutting and bolting and reduces overbreak and drilling costs.

The new development drill brings operational safety and versatility for tackling different applications, precise electronic positioning, ergonomic operator interface, data monitoring, all leading to superior pull-out ratio and reduced tool consumption.


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