Roland Leucker turned 50

Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker celebrated his 50th birthday in April 2015. Since 2008 he has been the CEO of the STUVA Inc. also taking over responsibility for the STUVAtec GmbH in 2014. He was able to acquire the necessary “tunnel vision” during the early part of his career: after studying construction engineering at the RWTH Aachen and obtaining a doctorate, from 1995 he was involved in various projects on behalf of the Hochtief AG prior to becoming the technical coordinator and construction manager for the Weser Tunnel. This was followed by a post as technical coordinator for the contract section north of the north-south light urban railway in Cologne. These tasks enable him to master the challenges posed by major projects in tunnelling.

Now and then “reinventing the wheel” seems an inevitable aspect of a career in engineering. The STUVA is grateful to its CEO that he has been able to withstand this temptation in recent years. Rather than abandoning the tried-and-tested he was in a position to maintain and consolidate the status quo thanks to his ability to concentrate on what is practical and feasible – skills he acquired during his time as construction manager and technical general coordinator. Furthermore he was able to open up new opportunities for the STUVA – whilst remaining abreast of the times. At the same time he has succeeded in bringing about the essential changing of the guard within STUVA’s ranks without surrendering the store of knowledge built up by the STUVA over the years. Against the increasingly harsh economic climate affecting the construction industry, he has been able to safely steer the good ship STUVA through calm waters and gear it towards the future.

The STUVA team would like to heartily congratulate its CEO on the occasion of his 50th birthday and looks forward to many further successful years of common endeavour whilst striking “new paths” 1.


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