Rotterdamsebaan: Tunnel Driving and Cross Passages

The second article about the Rotterdamsebaan project in The Hague continues from the publication in tunnel 1/2018 „The Rotterdamsebaan Project in The Hague“ and provides an overview of the further progress of the works, particularly the tunnelling works and the works on the cross passages.


The € 272 million Rotterdamsebaan is currently under construction between the Ypenburg intersection and the Centrumring in the Dutch city The Hague. It is being built under a Design & Build contract and is due to be put into operation on 1 July 2020. In addition to two ramp structures and a 650 m long sunken road section passing beneath the motorway A4, an exit and the connecting curve from the A4 to the A13, two inner-city tunnels with segment linings, each 1.65 km long, also had to be built.

Short Overview of Bored Tunnel and

Cross Passages

As described in the introduction, from...

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