Rudersdorf Tunnel: Future-oriented Principles

DB Netz AG is planning two-track upgrade

The 100-year old, two-track Rudersdorf Tunnel between Siegen and Haiger restricts the route’s capacity owing to its small cross-section. Furthermore, the rail tunnel is requiring ever increasing maintenance. In a process lasting only seven months, a feasibility study was produced for the project, featuring six alternatives involving a more fundamental pre-planning process for the preferred option 3b “Construction of two new single-track tunnel tubes to the west of the existing tunnel including its decomissioning”. It has since passed the DB Netz AG’s “stress test”.

1 Starting Situation

The Ruhr-Sieg route represents an important north-south artery for goods traffic from the German seaports and the Ruhr District to the Rhein/Main Region. In terms of passenger traffic, it links up the Ruhr District with the Sauerland, the Berg Country and the Siegerland. The Rudersdorf Tunnel is located on the twin-track rail route from Hagen Central Station to Haiger between km 117.6+30 and km 120.2+82 (Fig. 1). It was built early in the 20h century by means of the Austrian Tunnelling Method. It is 2652 m long and underpasses the Haincher/Tiefenrother Höhe range of hills...

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