STUVA Honorary Member
Prof. Adolf Müller-Hellmann
turned 70

Albert Einstein once asserted that you recognize a really good idea by the fact that it seems to be impossible to be realized from the very outset. This quote often characterizes the activities of Prof. Adolf Müller-Hellmann, the managing-director of the VDV (Association of German Transportation Companies) Industrieforum e. V. (formerly the VDV-Förderkreis e. V.) and board chairman of the Forum for Transport and Logistics of the DEVK Insurances and the Association of German Transportation Companies (VDV).Time and time again he is able to inspire people to take on a cause and follow him on his chosen path. The STUVA was able to obtain his active support for a number of projects in recent years to further public commuter transportation topics commensurate with the times we live in. For example this led to a number of books in the VDV/VDV Industrieforum blue series being published, which were soon out-of-print. Prof. Müller-Hellmann was the CEO of the VDV from 1998 to 2008. He has been an honorary member of the STUVA since 2003. The STUVA would like to express its hearty congratulations to mark this special day. We look forward to many more successful years of cooperation and wish Prof. Müller-Hellmann health and happiness coupled with flourishing endeavours.


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