Safety in Road Tunnels

Tunnels throughout Europe are tested each year within the scope of the ADAC Tunnel Test. As a result a databank has been created containing details on safety in numerous tunnels in Europe. In mid-October 2012 the results of the tunnels tested during the year were announced and are now presented in the following report.

A great deal of building activity is being pursued throughout Europe in order to ensure that the requirements of the EU Guideline on Safety in Road Tunnels [1] are complied with by 2019 at the latest. The 13th Tunnel Test, which on this occasion the ADAC carried out together with its partner clubs, ACI in Italy, ANWB in the Netherlands, ÖAMTC in Austria and TCS in Switzerland, confirmed that these measures are taking effect [2].

10 tunnels in 5 European countries were under scrutiny: 1 each in the Netherlands and Austria, 2 in Germany as well as 3 each in Italy and Switzerland. The criteria for...

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