Sylvenstein Reservoir: Waterproofing of the Seepage Water Tunnel

In the course of the refurbishment measures started in 2011 after more than 50 years of operation, the dam and the bed of the Sylvenstein Reservoir in Bavaria were provided with a new cut-off wall (two-phase diaphragm wall) and a precise seepage water measurement system. The seepage water measurement system consists of drainage piles and a seepage water tunnel.

As the oldest reservoir in Bavaria, and the most important for flood protection, the Sylvenstein Reservoir (Fig. 1) has been fulfilling its purpose for more than half a century and has demonstrated its protection function at times of high flood flows, particularly for the town of Bad Tölz and the state capital of Munich. As expected, the dam has settled during this long period of operation, and the exceptional burdens of the flood events in the years 1999, 2005 and 2013 have also left traces.

As a precautionary measure against the consequences of possible climate change and taking into account...

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