Thames Tideway Tunnel – Update 2020

The Thames Tideway project has already been described in detail in tunnel issue 8/2016. Altogether six TBMs and several pipe jacking machines are currently at work on the 25 km long main tunnel and the connection tunnels of the new mega interceptor sewer in London. The depth of the tunnel system (25–80 m), the access only down shafts, material delivery and disposal on the Thames and the central inner-city location are daily challenges facing the tunnellers in the middle of the English metropolis. This article describes the current stat of the main construction works and the special features of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, especially the West contract.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project is split into three separate geographical construction sections: West, Middle and East (Fig. 1). The MNTLA (Main Tunnel A) of the West contract extends from the Acton Stormwater Tank in the west of London and runs north of the Thames to the Carnwath Road riverside shaft in Fulham, where it joins the MNTLC (Main Tunnel C). This runs to the east into the suburb of Southwark near Tower Bridge. The East contract then connects at the Chambers Wharf shaft, with the MNTLD (Main Tunnel D) running toward Newham, where it connects to the Lee Tunnel, which was completed...

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