The green Light for the Jagdberg Tunnel

The part-section with the 3.1 km long, two-bore Jagdberg Tunnel between the Magdala and Jena/Göschwitz hubs has a key role to play in the upgrading and new development of the federal motorway A4 in Thuringia. This section is part of the German Unity Transport Project (VDE) No. 15, Eisenach-Görlitz/Kassel-Eisenach.

The A4 is one of the most important arteries in the German and European transport network in a west-east direction. It links the Thuringian cluster of towns with the Rhine-Ruhr region and the Rhine-Main district in the west and the Saxon industrial centres in the east. By creating six...

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Sparvo Tunnel: Second Breakthrough

Currently to develop the A1 motorway in Italy, the busy part-section between Bologna and Florence (90,000 vehicles/day) is being augmented by an alternative route – the 2,413 m long Sparvo Tunnel...

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The twin-bore Tauern Tunnel commissioned

The 6.4 km long Tauern Tunnel (1971/1975) on the A10 motorway was provided with a second bore (2006/2010) following the accident in 1999 while the existing bore was redeveloped at the same time. In...

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Work has started on the Falkenberg Railwaytunnel

The Falkenberg Tunnel represents an essential part of the upgraded Hanau-Aschaffenburg-Würzburg route and is being produced to the south of the existing rail line and the Schwarzkopf Tunnel. Work...

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Second Bore for the Tauern Tunnel

The second bore for the Tauern Tunnel on the A10 motorway is 6,400 m long and was driven by mining means within 22 months. It was opened on April 30, 2010 following less than 4 years’ construction,...

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Eyholz Tunnel: North Bore broken through

The Eyholz Tunnel between Stald­bach and Grosshüs serves the A?9 motorway to circumvent Visp in the Canton of Valais/CH, passing in the south. It consists of 2 bores set some 30 m apart with 15...