Tunnel Redevelopment in Lyon

The 1800 m long, four-lane road tunnel de la Croix-Rousse in Lyon between the banks of the Rhone and the Saône passes beneath the Croix-Rousse chain of hills. Owing to the age of the structure – it was built back in 1952 – frequent closures became necessary finally leading to the weight of vehicles being restricted to 3.5 t. It was thus decided to build a second tunnel. Following completion of the roughwork, the existing tunnel was closed for six months for extensive asbestos renovation. Renewing the carriageway lasted a further 9 months, including the construction of cross-passages to the...

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Issue 02/2013 Austria

Pfänder Tunnel: 2nd Bore opened for Traffic

The 6,585 m long, two-lane Pfänder Tunnel on the A14 in Vorarlberg/Austria with an average daily frequency exceeding 30,000 vehicles is being provided with a second bore, which is also 2-lane, to...

Issue 01/2013 Switzerland

Swiss Tunnel Congress 2012

Congress for Underground Engineering – Colloquium: Tunnel, Gallery and Cavern Construction. Colloquium on June 13 and Congress on June 14, 2012 in Lucerne/CH. Ed. FGU Fachgruppe für Untertagbau...

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New Ventilation for the Belchen Tunnel

After the fires in the Mont Blanc, Tauern and Gotthard, in the interim safety regulations have been introduced to protect motorists and emergency services. For example smoke is to be removed quickly...

Issue 04/2010

Gotthard Base Tunnel: Stage reached by Work

The roughwork execution and the concreting operations for the inner lining also progressed parallel to the drive at all construction sites. At the end of 2009, 85 from 176 cross-passages had been...

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Bruck Expressway: The Kirchdorf and Kaltenbach tunnels

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After a construction period of nearly five years, the opening to traffic of the previously missing section of the S35 Bruck Expressway in late May, 2010, now for the first time permits an efficient,...