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Issue 2021-05 TPH Bausysteme

Rammed Spile Pre-Support in the Vötting Tunnel

The main challenge in the construction of the 705 m long Vötting Tunnel: The conventionally driven section had to be excavated under a built-up area with an overburden of in part only 8 m. The...

Issue 2015-02


Rascor has been internationally active for 50 years as a manufacturer of products for the waterproofing of tunnels and specialised civil engineering works. The particular speciality is grouting...

Issue 2019-02 TPH Bausysteme/Germany

First Crack Filler with DIBt Certificate

The German DIBt (technical institute serving the construction sector) has awarded TPH’s Rubbertite acrylate gel its certificate for complying with stability requirements on structural facilities in...

Issue 2016-04

Sylvenstein Reservoir: Waterproofing of the Seepage Water Tunnel

As the oldest reservoir in Bavaria, and the most important for flood protection, the Sylvenstein Reservoir (Fig. 1) has been fulfilling its purpose for more than half a century and has demonstrated...

Issue 2017-06 Polyurethane Resins and Acrylate Gels

Proof of the Suitability of Injection Agents for Sealing Rock Injections

Injections for sealing rock are also needed if the tunnel is partly produced with a closed invert and partly with an open invert or if waterproofing structures are required to prevent longitudinal...