TPH Bausysteme/Germany

First Crack Filler with DIBt Certificate

The German DIBt (technical institute serving the construction sector) has awarded TPH’s Rubbertite acrylate gel its certificate for complying with stability requirements on structural facilities in accordance with MVV TB, A (DAfStb Guideline for the Repair of Concrete Components – October 2001) as one of the first repair products for concrete parts.

DIBt certificates are regarded as voluntary system verifications for quality assurance in the introductory issuance for the BAW Design Recommendation 2017 as well as in the appendix to the current ZTV-ING and ZTV-W. These certificates confirm that a harmonised construction product with CE labelling also fulfils the performances for structural demands in Germany as declared by the manufacturer. They represent a convenient alternative to more expensive project-specific product verifications (MVV TB Section D 3) for public repair jobs in tunnelling.

The DIBt was commissioned by the state to draw up such certificates as the only one of its kind in Germany (§ 30 BauPVO). Providing certificates for crack grouting systems for concrete repair on the basis of the BAW Design Recommendation 2017 was officially authorised by the Ministry of Transport. These certificates are regularly accepted as an equivalent alternative on the state’s road construction sector, providing they comply in total with the project-specific requirements of the performance specification. (BAWBrief 01/2017)

The TPH Bausysteme GmbH has already applied for DIBt certificates for further crack fillers, which in future will be available to qualified designers as well as public construction authorities as reliable proof of performance.


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