Roadheader succeeds in Metro Bilbao Project

The Tunnelling Roadheader MT520 is being operated in the scope of the “Linea 3” project in Bilbao, in Northern Spain.

In September 2010 the Bilbao Metro has 40.61 km of rail tracks, with 38 stations (22 of them underground and 16 outside). Two metro lines (“Linea 1” and “Linea 2”) serve the city center and the area of Greater Bilbao.

Construction of a third metro line (“Linea 3”) is underway, which in the future will be expanded to Bilbao Airport.

The layout of Line 3 of Metro Bilbao has seven stations. The line will be opened to the public in 2012, and will transport 71,000 people according...

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