Guidance Systems

Guidance shows the way in Brisbane

The following article shows the possibilities of a guidance system at the examples of 4 Tunnels in Australia, describes in a brief way the projects and shows the advantages of the guidance system.

Airport Link Brisbane in Australia whilst being a mega project in its own right is actually only 1 part of a 4 tunnel master plan designed to sort out Brisbane’s notorious traffic system and address congestion black spots by creating a ring road around the city centre.  These tunnels are
– North-South Bypass, – Airport Link, – Northern Link and
– East West tunnel project.
The 6.8  km long North-South Bypass tunnels are almost complete and are expected to be open in the second half of 2010. The Airport Link Project is approx. 6.7  km long, including about 5.3  km of tunnels between Bowen Hills and...

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