Producing the Structure of the Century

Gotthard Base Tunnel –
the World`s longest Tunnel

Commissioned by: AlpTransit Gotthard AG, Lucerne 2010: 268 pp (23.5 x 30 cm) with 280 Ills. /Tab.; ISBN 978-3-7272-1211-6. Bound. CHF 59.90. Stämpfi Verlag AG, Berne. The Italian version is due out in spring.

With the main breakthrough on October 15, 2010 (tunnel 8/2010, pp 4-10) the vision of the world`s longest tunnel became reality. More than 150 km of tunnels, headings, cross-passages and shafts had to be excavated in order to make the 57 km long Gotthard Base Tunnel operational.

This publication provides an insight of the fascinating world of tunnelling and an overview of the complete Gotthard Base Tunnel project from the organisation by way of the tunnel and construction concept right up to planning approval and gives details of the part-sections Erstfeld, Amsteg, Sedrun, Faido and Bodio as well as findings obtained from 15 years of driving activities at the Gotthard. A series of pictures taking up several pages impressively shows the hard work facing the tunnellers underground.

The challenges faced by those involved in the project during the construction phase are highlighted. Emphasis is placed for instance on the execution of the new Gotthard Line, the geology (forecast and reality); driving in squeezing rock; mastering the Piora Basin), surveying, monitoring the nearby reservoirs, roughwork equipment, material management, taking environmental considerations into account, industrial safety, project management and awarding contracts during the building of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Furthermore the rail technology and the Ceneri Base Tunnel are also dealt with and a chronicle of the project (1960-2010) and an overview of the project reference figures for roughwork on the Gotthard Base Tunnel provided. All reports were penned by those responsible for the project. The book is aimed at persons interested in transport and rail technology as well as construction engineers. This is the second volume in a trilogy, which follows up on the first volume “Der längste Tunnel der Welt – die Zukunft beginnt” that appeared in the Werd-Verlag in 2002. It is intended to conclude the series with a third volume once the Base Tunnel has been opened at the Gotthard. This publication will concentrate on equipping the tunnel with rail technology, which began in May 2010.G.B.     


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