Austria Koralm Railway: Inviting Submissions for the longest Tunnelling Contract Section

The Koralm Railway is the extension of the trans-European corridor VI and part of the axis from Danzig via Warsaw and Vienna to Triest, Venice and Bologna, in other words the link between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean. A twin-track, electrified high-speed line is being produced over a 130 km long section – with the Koralm Tunnel accounting for 32.9 km of this total. It will then take passengers less than an hour to travel from Graz to Klagenfurt at 200 km/h.

Work on the Graz–Klagenfurt Koralm Railway has been progressing since 2001. The first of 3 contract sections for the Koralm Tunnel...

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Koralm Tunnel: Work starts on main Section

The Koralm Tunnel represents the core of the new 130 km long Koralmbahn, being set up between Graz and Klagenfurt, a twin-track high-speed line designed for speeds of up to 200 km/h estimated to cost...

07/2013 Austria

Koralm Tunnel: Start of Construction in Main Section

The 32.8 km long Koralm Tunnel in Kärnten and Styria will be the longest rail tunnel in Austria, representing the core of the 130 km long, twin-track Koralmbahn Graz-Klagenfurt, currently under...


Austria – Breakthrough of the Hengsberg Tunnel

The crown of the Hengsberg Tunnel, part of the Koralmbahn between Graz and Klagenfurth was broken through after 10 months’ construction at the end of April 2009. In the Styrian part-section of the...

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2015 „Südbahntagung“ Conference

The Südbahntagung conference was initiated in 2008 as a forum at which findings and case studies on major tunnelling projects in Austria such as the Semmering Base Tunnel, Koralm Tunnel and the...

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Breakthrough at Bleßberg Tunnel

The 8,314 m twin-track long Bleßberg Tunnel is the longest on the new Ebensfeld-Erfurt rail route – German Unity Rail Project No. 8 (VDE 8.1) and once commissioned will be the third longest...