BrennerCongress to be held in Bolzano for the first time in 2011

The fourth “BrennerCon­gress“ is to be held from March 17 to 18, 2011, parallel to the Viatec fair, in Bolzano, Italy. This international symposium will report on the status of work on the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) and examine both practical and research topics, with the main emphasis on the traffic infrastructure of the Alpine region.

International experts will be speaking during the two days of the congress on the construction, operation and maintenance of road and rail infrastructures. Papers on the Brenner Base Tunnel will open the proceedings, followed by addresses on other base tunnel projects in the Alps. Another central focus will be on road tunnels.

The second day of the congress is to be devoted to the maintenance of highways and freeways, and will feature papers on road bridges, highway surfaces in tunnel construction, and tunnel safety. The topic of infrastructural planning will also be examined from the viewpoint of a traffic psychologist. The closing papers will then spotlight recycling products for infrastructural construction, and the durability of bitumen.

Two workshops will accompany the programme of addresses, one comparing the merits of the NATM, ADECO and TBM tunnelling methods, and the other dedicated to the topic of organic rocks. The congress will conclude with excursions to the Brenner Base Tunnel site, and to the A22 Brenner Autobahn.

Univ.-Prof. Konrad Bergmeis­ter, University of Natural Re­sources and Life Sciences, Vienna, and Univ.-Prof. Walter Purrer, of the Department of Civil Engineering Sciences at the Leopold Franzens Univer­sity of Innsbruck, are respon­sible for the scientific organisation of the congress.

Mag. Nadja Schölzhorn/Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Flora


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