Honory Medal of CzTA

Prof. Alfred Haack awarded
in Czech Republic

The 11th International Conference on Underground Construction Prague 2010 was held in the modern hotel Clarion in the capital of the Czech Republic from 14th to 16th June 2010. The conference continued in previous Czech tunnelling conferences the Underground Construction Prague 2003 and the World Tunnel Congress WTC 2007 in Prague.

The conference Scientific Council included tunnelling experts from various European countries, the conference was opened by present ITA/AITES president Prof. In-Mo Lee. Overall 480 participants from 22 countries were registered to the conference and 167 papers from 25 countries were published in the conference proceedings.

Four Keynote Lectures were published separately in the Czech TUNEL journal issue 2/2010, they were prepared by Dr. Nick Barton from Norway, Prof. Walter Wittke from Germany, Prof. Jiri Bartak, and Prof. Josef Aldorf from the Czech Republic. Invited lectures were presented by Prof. Robert Galler, Prof. Wulf Schubert, Dr. Harald Wagner (all from Austria), Prof. Alfred Haack, Prof. Markus Thewes (both from Germany), Mr. Jean-Gilles Arnaudet (from France), and Dr. Alun Thomas (from United Kingdom).

Prof. Alfred Haack was awarded by the honorary medal of the Czech Tunnelling Association (CzTA) for his long term contribution to the Czech tunnelling industry (Figure). In his speech awarding Prof. Haack said Ivan Hrdina: „The Board of the ITA-AITES Czech Tunnelling Association is aware of the immense work you have done in the underground construction industry within the scope of your teaching activities as well as your activities as an expert for numerous projects worldwide.

You have even gained extraordinary credit for managing and developing activities of the International Tunnelling Association ITA-AITES, the long-standing president of which and a member of its Ex-Co you used to be.

In addition, the Czech Tunnelling Association highly appreciates your warm relationship to our republic and its capital, Prague, manifested by your active participation in a number of our conferences and the two World Tunnel Congresses we organised.“

The conference programme included 4 keynote lectures, 56 presentations in the six technical sections, poster presentations, social evening in the Brevnov monastery and four excursions of the Czech underground structures (two parts of the tunnel Blanka, Prague’s utility tunnels and the Underground Educational Facility Josef). Czech Tunnelling Association would like to express thanks to all speakers and participants and we would like to invite you to the next conference Underground Construction Prague 2013.


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