New Products

ACO Tiefbau Novelties

ACO Tiefbau Vertrieb GmbH (ACO) offers innovative solutions for infrastructure projects where drainage systems are concerned. These innovative products are geared to the enhanced demands of the future: an ever increasing traffic impact, changed environmental conditions, dealing responsibly with the resource water and all in all, more economy.

KerbDrain KD 140: Polymer Concrete Kerb and Drainage Channel at one and the same Time

At the STUVA Exhibition, ACO is presenting a number of construction elements, which among other things have been developed in conjunction with the Rendsburg Canal Tunnel....

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Issue 2014-06

Rendsburg Canal Tunnel: Safe Drainage in Case of Emergency

As early as the tunnel planning stage, the infrastructure and installations have to be taken into consideration, which act in a preventive manner, i.e. that avoid critical incidents as far as...

Issue 2019-05

When Water has to flow “Uphill” – Drainage of the Noise Protection Galleries on the A 96

Widening of the A 96 A large part of the overall costs for the almost 9 km long stretch of the A 96 is for the widening from four to six lanes. This includes the laying of an asphalt surfacing of...

Issue 2013-04 New Products

New Tunnel Channel – presented at the 2013 WTC in Geneva

Experts from the international tunnelling industry will congregate in Geneva from May 31 to June 7, 2013, for the ITA-AITES 2013 World Tunnel Congress and the International Tunnelling and Underground...

Issue 2016-01 Drainage Technology

Technical Improvements make the Pfaffenstein Tunnel safer

The A 93 federal motorway is 270 km long and passes through Bavaria from Hof in the north to Kiefersfeldern on the border with Austria. The roughly 840 m long Pfaffenstein Tunnel in Regensburg is one...

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Austrian Guideline on Tunnel Seals

Austrian Society for Construction Technology (öbv) Guideline, December 2012. 124 pp. DIN A4 with 96 Ill./Tab. and 106 Sources. Bound € 45. //