Rendsburg Canal Tunnel:Safe Drainage in Case of Emergency

Nowadays tunnels represent elements of an economic and ecological infrastructure. To ensure that tunnels are kept in the best possible state and to cope with ever increasing volumes of traffic, refurbishment measures as recently carried out at the Rendsburg Canal Tunnel are essential. Three construction phases involved measures for repairing the concrete on the floor and the walls, fire protection, road construction, and drainage.The refurbishment also includes rescue and evacuation facilities and technical installations.

As early as the tunnel planning stage, the infrastructure and installations have to be taken into consideration, which act in a preventive manner, i.e. that avoid critical incidents as far as possible. In the event of rehabilitation it is particularly essential to introduce the high safety standards of the European Tunnel Guideline 2004/54/EU and ZTV-ING, Part 5 Tunnelling (Additional Technical Contractual Conditions) that apply for Germany in their latest form as well as RABT regulations 2006 (Guidelines for the Furnishing and Operation of Road Tunnels).

Restricted Spreading of Liquid

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