ASW Stone Offroad

Companies often find themselves stretched to their limits in foundation engineering, mining and below ground. Whether it’s excessively low halls, bridges or tunnels, construction measures simply cannot be fulfilled using conventional dumpers. Special measures must also be resorted to in the excavation, earth-moving and soil stabilising branch. The Fliegl ASW Stone Off-road truck with its push-off technology offers a solution in such cases. Its stability is outstanding. This is facilitated by a low centre of gravity. Where dumpers tend to lose their equilibrium during unloading, the ASW Stone Off-road still stands safely on its wheels. The Fliegl Bau- und Kommunalktechnik GmbH developed the Fliegl “ASW Stone Off-road” for extremely tough assignments. It is especially suitable for earth-moving as well as transportation within major construction projects. The vehicle first and foremost convinces through its economy: less wear, high time savings and low wage and fuel outlay.   


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