BIM Applications in Design and Construction of the Soft Ground Section at the Bözberg Tunnel

Construction of the new two-track Bözberg rail tunnel is the largest individual project of the SBB on the 4-m corridor along the Gotthard axis between Basle and Chiasso. Switzerland. It is intended to shift goods traffic from roads to rail. The existing tunnel, which is about 140 years old, will be reused as a service and escape tunnel and connected to the new tunnel with cross passages. In order to provide support during design and construction, BIM methods were used for various application cases.

The Project

The 4-m corridor of the SBB will enable all goods containers with a corner height of up to 4 m and a width of up to 2.6 m to be transported along the Gotthard axis from 2020.

The new two-track tunnel at the Bözberg with a length of about 2.7 km will replace the existing tunnel tube, which will then be used as service and escape tunnel. This will be connected to the new tunnel about every 500 m with five cross passages. The cross passages permit rapid evacuation of the new tunnel in case of an incident.

Tunnelling started in autumn 2016 at the south portal in the village of...

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