Construction starts on the Imberg Tunnel

In November 2014 the Deutsche Bahn commenced work on the Imberg Tunnel on the 60 km long new Wendlingen–Ulm rail route on the Alb Plateau. First of all construction pits were produced at both ends for the subsequent production of tunnel sections created by cut-and-cover. The tunnel will then be built by using the shotcrete method as from April 2015 onwards between the two cuttings produced by cut-and-cover. The two-track Imberg Tunnel is 499 m long, making it one of the shortest of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project, and is located in the 21 km long Alb Plateau section’s second route segment. Construction of the Imberg Tunnel was awarded to a JV consisting of the Johann Bunte GmbH and the Stutz GmbH at the end of 2013 as a component of a part-section of PfA (planning approval section) 2.3 Alb Plateau.⇥G.B.


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