Corrib Tunnel:Underpassing a Nature Reserve

The construction of a gas pipeline passing through a coastal nature conservation area was essential to exploit a gas field in the Atlantic. The gas is then processed in a facility on the Irish north-west coast. It was decided to thread the pipeline through the specially devised Corrib Tunnel so that the nature reserve could be underpassed without harming the environment. The tunnel was completed along with the operational gas pipeline in early 2015.

Project Overview

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd (SEPIL) was commissioned to open up the Corrib gas field, located in the Atlantic some 83 km from the coast of Ireland. The Corrib Tunnel Project is located on the north-west coast of Ireland in County Mayo. The complete Corrib gas field project embraces setting up the offshore rigs, laying the gas pipeline offshore in the Atlantic to the coast of Mayo, laying the pipeline onshore from the coast to the new gas preparation facility as well as establishing this facility.

The offshore gas pipeline ends at Glengad, some 1.5 km to the west of Rossport....

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