Crawler-Mounted Jaw Crushers Process Excavated Material in the Pfons–Brenner Lot of the BBT

Two jaw-crusher machines and a feeder unit, all supplied by Swiss manufacturer GIPO, are in front-line use on the Austrian side of the largest and most southerly construction sector of the new Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT).

The two crawler-mounted jaw crushers (Type GIPOBAC B 1185 PB-FDR and Type GIPOBAC B 1385 PB-FDR), featuring plate-conveyor feed and a separate pre-screener, along with a skid-mounted feeder unit, are in use at the foot of the 4 km long Steinach/Wolf access tunnel. Another B 1185 PB-FDR crawler-mounted jaw crusher, which has already proven its capabilities on two tunnel...

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Issue 01/2020

GIPO Jaw Crusher Plants Working at the BBT

Since summer 2019 two track-mounted jaw crushers plants (a GIPOBAC B 1185 PB FDR and a GIPOBAC B 1385 PB FDR) and a feed point on runners from the Swiss company GIPO are being used for material...