Glass Fibre
Reinforcement at
the Rastatt Tunnel

The Rastatt rail tunnel, which is currently under construction, is one of the key structures on the new and upgraded line from Karlsruhe to Basel. Glass fibre reinforcement was used for the first time on a DB project for the shaft walls of the tunnels, under a single-case approval from the Federal Railway Office. Thanks to this technology, tunnel boring machines can bore through reinforced concrete shafts with much less wear.

The line being newly built and upgraded between Karlsruhe and Basel is part of the European rail network from Rotterdam to Genoa. Running from the ports of the Netherlands to the Mediterranean, this rail corridor is one of the most important in Europe. After completion, the continuous four-track line will separate the traffic flows; slower goods trains and local services will run on the existing tracks, while the express long-distance traffic will mainly use the new tracks, which are designed for peak speeds of up to 250 km/h.

Break-out Wall with Glass Fibre Reinforcement

The Rastatt Tunnel...

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