Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Tunnel Lining Segments

The application of steel fibres to reinforce concrete is becoming more and more interesting due to many advantages regarding the durability and sustainability of the construction. Especially the great range of mechanically bored tunnels all over the world where steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) was and is in use for tunnel lining segments shows the capabilities of this construction material.

Compared to conventional steel reinforcement, the usage of steel fibre reinforced concrete segments for tunnel linings offers many advantages. The production process of the segments is simpler and the formation of cracks during handling and installation is distinctly reduced. Due to their higher resistance against corrosion and cracking stresses as well as their great impact toughness, the segments are more durable. Their service life is longer, their repair and maintenance demands are small and, on top, the production costs are significantly lower than for conventional steel reinforced tunnel...

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