Joint Venture Gubri Wins Contract to Renovate Original Tubes of the Gubrist Tunnel

Zurich’s northern bypass, one of Switzerland’s most heavily used roads, is currently being expanded, with a third tube being added to the Gubrist tunnel. On completion of this new tube, the original two tubes, operational since 1985, are to be completely renovated. The Gubri joint venture, a partnership between Implenia (40%, lead), Walo Bertschinger (30%) and Anliker (30%), has won the contract from the Federal Roads Administration (FEDRA) for the third section of this renovation.

Total Contract is Worth 177 Million Euros

The total contract is worth 177 million euros. The project starts with preparatory work in autumn 2022 and will last about four years.

The existing tunnel tubes are no longer big enough to accommodate today’s traffic, so they are being enlarged: the road surface is being lowered by 30cm and the new suspended ceiling is being made higher. In order to increase safety standards, 22 new emergency bays are being built into the second tube, while the 24 emergency bays in the first tunnel are being renovated.

All of this work will be carried out with a special focus on occupational health and safety, and sustainability. The confined space in and around the tunnel presents a particular challenge for site logistics, and especially for delivery and removal of materials.


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