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Challenging Drive at China’s Yin Han Ji Wei Water Diversion Project Completed

An 8 m diameter Main Beam TBM broke through at China’s Yin Han Ji Wei project in the first quarter of 2022. The project is considered to be one of the most challenging ever completed by a TBM, with crews encountering abrasive hard rock, over 14 000 rock bursts, and multiple severe water inflow events. The machine overcame 17.5 km of tunnel in some of the most difficult geology ever encountered. The water diversion tunnel traverses the Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province, with up to 2000 m of cover.


Special Formwork for Feuerbach Tunnel

For the supply of all special formwork (such as formwork for the widening, connecting structures, cross-passages and the access of the Prague intermediate access), the JV Tunnel Feuerbach (Baresel Tunnelbau GmbH, Kunz Untertagebau GmbH and Bertschinger Bau GmbH under the project management of Johann Bachsleitner) selected the specialist Huber & Sohn, Germany. The systems, manufactured in carpentry-style timber construction, were delivered in ready-to-use modular units. Alkus GM6 formwork panels were used as formwork facing. A technical article on this project will be published in tunnel 4/2022.


ISRM Congress 2023: Call for Papers

Abstracts can still be submitted until 31 May 2022 for the 15th International ISRM Congress, which will be held jointly with the 72nd Geomechanics Colloquium in Salzburg from 9 to 14 October 2023. The...


Projektbericht | Project Report


Cross River Rail – Tunnelling Under the Brisbane River and the City Centre

Cross River Rail (CRR) is a new 10.2 km rail line including 5.9 km of twin tunnels running under the Brisbane River and the Central Business District (CBD) of Brisbane, Australia. The new line will unlock a bottleneck at the core of the rail network and will transform travelling across the whole of South East Queensland. CRR’s Tunnels, Stations and Development (TSD) package scope includes design and construction of the twin tunnels from Boggo Road Station in the south to the Northern Portal and delivery of four underground stations.


Abdichtung | Sealing

Longitudinal Flow of Water Along Hose Assemblies Through Inner Tunnel Linings

For the construction of inner tunnel linings exposed to water pressure, both constructions made of waterimpermeable concrete and waterproofing with plastic sealing membranes are used. Both sealing options have in common that hose lines are led through the inner tunnel shell along a tunnel block. The article published in tunnel 3/22 examines the question of the extent to which water can flow along the longitudinal direction of the hose lines as a construction-related effect.


Neue Verfahren | New Methods & Technologies

Saving Energy and Resources and Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Innovations in Tunnel Construction

Climate protection and the geopolitical situation pose major challenges for our society. To protect the climate, we must reduce CO2 emissions and cut the consumption of fossil energies. The war in Ukraine makes us very aware of our economy‘s dependence on fossil energies and their availability and costs. This makes savings even more urgent than they already have been before. Likewise, the relevance of supply chains and availability of raw materials is becoming more and more obvious – also for the construction industry. An optimization of the design of conventional tunnels by owners and planners can lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, energy and raw material requirements, and thus also in cost. In the article, potential optimizations are shown and explained with the help of examples.


Tunnelbetrieb | Tunnel Operation


New 1C Tunnel Coating

Newly developed by MC-Bauchemie, MC-Color T 21 has been launched as the first single-component (1C) coating on the market capable of fulfilling the surface protection requirements of ÖBV, ASTRA and...


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