Massive construction movement expands Moscow‘s Metro

In Russia’s capital city of more than 12 million people, the average Muscovite has become accustomed to daily commutes of two hours or more. To ease the perpetually slow flow of traffic, the Moscow Government has initiated a major scheme that consists of at least 50 km of new metro line by 2016, and more than doubles that by 2020.  At its current pace, Russia’s rate of metro construction will be second only to chinese projects.

The metro system, nearly entirely underground, involves the use of dozens of mixed ground EPB TBMs: the largest simultaneous construction by TBM that has ever taken place in the city. The compact jobsites, complex ground conditions, and tight construction schedules are all challenges that are being met head on, using customized machines, conveyor muck haulage systems, and an army of skilled personnel.

Moscow’s Metro Development Program, unveiled in 2012, calls for 150 km of new metro lines within the next eight years. Work thus far has been around the clock, with more than 35 000 workers and...

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