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Safe from Fire and Smoke

Serious accidents involving fatalities and high economic impact have regularly resulted in protracted discussion of tunnel safety in the event of fire...


Dry Ground for Mexico’s Capital: Half the Tunneling-Work is done

The drainage system of Mexcico City's metropolitan region is no longer sufficient to maintain an adequate water discharge, especially due to the increasingly unfavourable gradient of the Emisor Central wastewater tunnel, caused by the sinking process. To back up the old drainage system the construction of the Tunel Emisor Oriente (TEO), with a length of 62 km and an average diameter of 7 m began in 2008. The work schedule for the tunnel has a final completion date of June 2015.


The Tunnelling World focuses on Brazil

From May 9th to May 15th 2014, Brazil will be the focus of the international tunnelling community. The country and the whole Latin American region have already called the world‘s attention due to the expansion in infrastructure and the number of ongoing projects involving tunnels.


Data management and risk analysis for tunnelling projects

The execution of underground works requires an early assessment of all risks going along with the planning phase and its comprehensive control during construction to establish acceptable levels of security. This is achieved by placing a sensor network to register a series of values ​​of the most significant parameters of the machines – TBMs and auxiliary tools – geotechnical measurements and existing structures that may be affected during progression of works.


World Tunnel Congress

The Robbins Company

If the tunnel-geology ranges from soft soils to weathered rock, the Robbins Company offers a solution: The Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM)....


Herrenknecht AG

On the occasion of the World Tunnel Congress Herrenknecht is presenting state-of-the-art tunnelling technology with emphasis on the Latin American...


Putzmeister Underground

Based on more than 50 years of experience and the technological know-how of a leading provider of concrete pumping and placing equipment, Putzmeister...



The Underground Technology Team UTT is a division of the MAPEI group that is specialized in innovative systems for underground construction. Due to...


CBE Group

CBE Group designs, manufactures and assembles segment moulds for concrete tunnels, handling equipment and segment precast plants worldwide.The range...


NFM Technologies

For more than 20 years, NFM Technologies has been designing and manufacturing large diameter tunnel boring machines ranging from 4 m to more than 15...


Sika Aliva Equipment

The Aliva Converto is used for hand-operated spraying of concrete and mortar, applies with thin and dense stream process. The new water ring system...



In 2013 Normet introduced concrete spraying simulators for machine-operator training. There are different versions available from just laptop display...


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Leipzig City Tunnel operational

One of the biggest urban European infrastructure projects was completed in 2013, ten years after work started on building the 1.5 km long Leipzig City...