Mode of Construction for the New Rosshäusern Tunnel changed

The 43 km long, largely single-track line between Berne and Neuchâtel in the Cantons of Berne, Freiburg and Neuenburg is part of the route from Berne to Paris. It is currently being developed with twin tracks by the private rail company BLS AG and will then be suitable for speeds of up to 160 km/h rather than the present 90 km/h. Work started on the Rosshäusern-Mauss section in 2012, which is also straightened and shortened by 300 m. The new 2080 m long, twin-track Rosshäusern Tunnel represents the core of this construction section.

The new tunnel will replace the single-track old Rosshäusern Tunnel with its many bends, dating back to 1901, which could not be redeveloped for economic reasons. The old tunnel is also to be used as a drainage tunnel as from 2018 after it has been properly adapted. Work on the new tunnel commenced in 2013 and it was originally scheduled to become operational at the end of 2016. Some 190 million Swiss francs (160 million euros) were earmarked for the overall costs of this major project including restoring the Flüelabach watercourse alongside the old line. The new tunnel with its...

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