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Self-Rescue in the Simplon Tunnel

The 19.8 km long Simplon Tunnel (completed in 1922) between Bries (Switzerland) and Iselle (Italy) possesses two single-track bores with two sets of...


Stuttgart 21: Construction of the Filder Tunnel has commenced

In July a new phase has begun in the construction of Stuttgart‘s underground railway station as political and business representatives celebrated commencement of construction of the Filder Tunnel. The construction contract for the Filder Tunnel and the connecting tunnel Ober-/ Untertürkheim was awarded to a joint venture led by the Porr Group. The contract has a volume of around 700 million euros.


Ceneri Base Tunnel: Swiss Supreme Court confirms Railway Infrastructure Awards

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has upheld two appeals against decisions of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court of March 2014 in connection with the award of railway infrastructure systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The judgements of the Federal Administrative Court have been annulled. The original decisions of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG) for the awards are confirmed.


Hot Water from the Tunnel for generating Power

Some 2100 l of water flows out of the tunnel per minute at the north portal of the Vereina Tunnel in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden. The energy potential of this water which has a temperature of 17 °C is now to be exploited for the geothermal generation of power using a heat pump.


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40th ITA Annual Meeting: Activities of the Working Groups and Committees

In tunnel issue 5/2014 we informed you about the most important aspects of the 40th Annual Meeting of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) and the 2014 World Tunnel Congress, held from May 9 to 14, 2014 at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. In this issue of tunnel you can learn more about the activities of the 13 ITA Working Groups and the four Committees.


Rendsburg Canal Tunnel:Safe Drainage in Case of Emergency

Nowadays tunnels represent elements of an economic and ecological infrastructure. To ensure that tunnels are kept in the best possible state and to cope with ever increasing volumes of traffic, refurbishment measures as recently carried out at the Rendsburg Canal Tunnel are essential. Three construction phases involved measures for repairing the concrete on the floor and the walls, fire protection, road construction, and drainage.The refurbishment also includes rescue and evacuation facilities and technical installations.


Mode of Construction for the New Rosshäusern Tunnel changed

The 43 km long, largely single-track line between Berne and NeuchâtelIt is currently being developed with twin tracks by the private Swiss rail company BLS AG. The new 2080 m long, twin-track Rosshäusern Tunnel represents the core of the Rosshäusern-Mauss construction section. A change in the method of driving bringing with it greater industrial safety was decided on resulting from difficult geological circumstances as work progressed and a tragic accident with fatal consequences. As further fault zones had to be reckoned with as work went on it was decided to adopt the crown driving method with pipe umbrella in rock.


Neue Verfahren | New Methods & Technologies


Mechanical Shaft Enlargement in Hard Rock Mining

Herrenknecht AG has developed a next generation of the rodless shaft enlargement machines that have been established on the market for decades as so-called V-Mole technology. Herrenknecht worked closely together with two very experienced companies highly renowned in the mining industry, Thyssen Schachtbau and Murray & Roberts Cementation, to update and adapt the technology to current conditions and requirements. The result is the SBE (Shaft Boring Machine for Shaft Enlargement). It facilitates high sinking speeds and maximum working safety for shaft boring using the pilot borehole.


Spritzbeton | Sprayed Concrete


Steinbühl Railway Tunnel: Safe with Shotcrete

Deutsche Bahn’s newly built route from Wendlingen to Ulm is a mecca for discerning tunnel builders. This is because half of the route passes through tunnels, which cut through a wide range of different rock strata. A variety of construction methods are required: To create the first tunnel, the Steinbühl tunnel, the shotcrete construction method is used. The 4.8 km long Steinbühl tunnel, together with the Boßler tunnel, will help trains with the difficult climb at Albaufstieg. It is entered at Hohenstadt, at an altitude of 746 metres, close to the A8 Autobahn. In eight years’ time, trains will be racing through it at 250 km/h.


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Bolting Technology

Mineral Dry Mortar

Sika Deutschland GmbH offers SikaRock Anchor Mortar 1 and SikaRock Anchor Mortar HS – two hydraulically hardened and pure mineral dry mortars – for...


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ÖBV Construction Congress 2014

The Austrian Society for Construction Technology (ÖBV) stages a construction congress every two years for clients, the construction and building materials industry as well as for engineering offices. 1800 participants from twelve countries attended the event in Vienna in April. Numerous papers among the 50 lectures dealing with research and development, practice and project development, which are available in a 122-page set of Proceedings dealt with infrastructure and underground construction.