Modernising Rescue Trains

Six new rescue trains with modernised locomotives and backed up by a reserve train are foreseen for the tunnels on the Hanover–Würzburg and Würzburg–Mannheim–Stuttgart high-speed lines. With a locomotive at each end of the train they enable persons to be evacuated from a stationary train from tunnels which are not provided with special emergency exits. In spite of the fact that the existing rescue trains in use since 1988 or 1990 have been continuously updated, it was decided in 2012 to acquire new rolling stock. The 14 diesel locomotives for their part are not being replaced but thoroughly...

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Safely through railway tunnel

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Modernisation of the Simplon Line: St. Maurice Tunnel enlarged

At the end of April 2016, the enlarged and modernised St. Maurice Tunnel in the Swiss canton of Valais was reopened. For this project, which is part of the modernisation and redesign of the Simplon...

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Upgraded Hanau–Nantenbach Line with four new Tunnels

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Full-Scale U-THREAT Exercise in the Lyon Metro

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New Bebenroth tunnel

Parallel to the 135-year old, 953 m long two-track Bebenroth tunnel near Witzenhausen on the railway line between Eichenberg and Oberrieder, the new single-track Bebenroth tunnel will be built in a...