Söndgerath Pumpen

Pumps for Abrasive Drain Water in Tunnelling

As an extension to the existing pump series P 215 to P 455, the German manufacturer Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH now presents two submersible pumps of the new P Series – the P 475 and the P 675. As from 2020, the new pump series will also include the forthcoming models P 4110, P 6110, P 4150 and P 6150. The new P Series is especially suitable for pumping abrasive drain water in tunnelling.

New Pump Series for Tunnelling

Depending on the model, maximum delivery heights of over 40 m and capacities of up to 2700 litres per minute are possible. The maximum submerged depth is 10 m. The pumps have powerful...

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