Radio Remote Control for Heavy Machinery

Safety first in mining and tunnelling: For this reason, the German machine manufacturer GHH is pushing the use of radio remote controls where ever it suits the application. Its T-RX100J model is particularly light and also works with other OEM equipment. It can be used to control heavy equipment by radio remote, from a safe distance, including load haul dumpers, dump trucks and drilling rigs.

The control unit weighs only about 1200 g. It is hooked into a central neck strap. The ergonomic housing is made of impact-resistant plastic and protected against dust and water according to IP67. Two programmable joysticks and switches for all common machine functions are available to the operator. An LCD display shows parameters such as temperature and oil level.

Safety Circuit with Tilt Sensor

A special feature is the tilt sensor: If the control unit tilts unexpectedly (e.g. because the operator falls), the dead man switch stops the machine. The degree of response can be changed to meet individual requirements. The safety circuit also triggers if the radio connection is interrupted. Communication with the machine is digital and therefore highly stable. For failure protection, the RRC uses twin processors with self-diagnosis function. A large emergency stop switch is located in the middle of the console.

On the machine side, a receiver box with aluminium housing is installed. At 1600 g it is also very light and compact, and also extensively protected. The connection is made via analogue and digital interfaces, with radio channels in MHz and GHz bands. The operating range is -25 to 70 °C.


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